Koshee is a company that focuses on automation, autonomy, and analytics for business. From digitizing business processes to increasing transparency and efficiency in customer interactions to creating autonomous robotics, Koshee aims to help businesses increase margins, reduce overhead, and increase employee and customer happiness, quality-of-life, and joy.

We take inspiration from great mathematicians like Augustin-Louis Cauchy (our namesake) who bridged complex, abstract mathematics to engineering and business processes, often by creating proofs and solutions based on intuition and higher level thinking and a top-down view of problems. Cauchy was one of the first to state and rigorously prove theorems of calculus, rejecting the heuristic principle of the generality of algebra of earlier authors. He almost single-handedly founded complex analysis and the study of permutation groups in abstract algebra [Source].

We bring clarity of purpose and mathematical thinking and apply it to business, artificial intelligence, and robotics to provide solutions that realize the ideal and streamline the inefficient.