Our Process

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Every business is different, but all businesses benefit from transparency in and legibility of data. By applying targeted analytics to business processes, we create data products that make business processes more understandable, easier to track, and respond to the changing needs of customers, suppliers, and the expansion of business units and introduction of new products. In our process, analytics informs every business decision.


Some businesses are purely virtual, but most deliver a combination of products and services to customers, often in real-time. As we develop and integrate analytics-focused products into business operations, accounting, and efficiency mechanisms, we can then make informed decisions about the flow of products and services from suppliers to warehouses to customers. Logistics is the bedrock of scalable margins and efficiency across all business operations.

Digitization and THE CLOUD

Businesses are most effective when employees across an organization have transparency into the data products and processes that affect them. We encourage transparency by digitizing data and empowering employees, suppliers, and customers with visibility and confidence in business operations, relationship management, sentiment, orders, and delivery.


Business is always driven by supply and demand and impacted by scarcity. Part of expanding and growing any business is understanding the causes of scarcity and addressing them. We provide management solutions not only in terms of additional personnel but also in training and guidance in how to identify sources of scarcity, mitigate complex problems, and fix them.

Robotics and AI

Robotics have the potential to revolutionize the efficiency and scale of logistics and various business operations. We have experience in collaborative robotics, open standards, formal methods, and scalable middleware that can help accelerate everything from warehousing efficiency to installation of products. Where robotics and artificial intelligence are applicable, we aim to empower employees, suppliers, and customers with tools and techniques that accelerate business and expand possibilities.